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Adventure Island Books website

Orion Publishing needed an immersive experience to enhance the new set of novels from Author Helen Moss.

The Adventure Island books are a 10 book Enid Blyton-esque adventure series aimed at 8-14 year olds. The books themselves are visually rich with superb illustrations and vivid storylines like ‘The Curse of the Dragon’. Our brief was to reproduce the vibrancy of the books while also delivering a more interactive experience that would enhance the readers experience and extend the storylines onto the website.

Sugary Donuts, Hidden Saxon Shields and Secret Agents were all part of a fun, vibrant website that made the site a return destination for the young readers to engage with the Adventure Island world.

We created a really strong visual framework for the site by utilising as much of the original illustration as possible interspersed with lots of fun quirky elements. Users were immediately drawn into the narrative of the books by being invited to become part of the Special Investigations Team. To do this they had to complete an interactive quiz based on content from the first three books and unique content created for the site including hunting down hidden elements and following clues.

We also worked with Helen to create character blogs for each of the main characters (including the dog!). These were a real hit with the young readers who were really drawn into the world of Adventure Island by being able to converse with their heroes.

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