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Optomen Screening Suite - Macbook

Screening platform for Optomen TV

Optomen needed a dedicated, secure website for screening their TV programmes to International buyers.

Having moved the bulk of their digital program assets to digital processing / management specialists Refine, Optomen required a sophisticated screening system that would pull in assets from Refine into the screening framework.

The screening system needed to be totally flexible, highly functional and secure, with series and episodic breakdowns for each program, and hours of full length streamed video content drawn from Refine's servers.

We delivered a seamless, polished experience for both the Users and Optomen's Sales Team.

Initially, Bionic worked with Refine to define and deliver a Web Service that exposed their data. Bolted around this we created a simple and clear management tool for Optomen Staff to adminster the screening content and the clients who would access the video, additionally, we created reporting tools so that Optomen could track client activity.

At the front-end of the site we delivered a clean and spacious user interface that was extremely clear and easy for International clients to navigate. We borrowed heavily from Optomen's main site branding (which we created for them) and made their program and talent images large and impactful.

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